Whether your project is simple or intricate, we have +30 years of machining experience to deliver you a high-quality metal product, every time.


SWM utilizes computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines. This means we can meet your project requirements down to a fraction of a millimeter. 

Quality Control Process

SWM has a 4-Step Quality Control Process to ensure every product that leaves our facility meets your specific project requirements, every single time. 

Delivered On Time

The entire team at SWM meets daily to review each project and it’s timeframe. This means you’ll get the right products, exactly when you need them. 

Experienced CNC Machining in Iowa

CNC Machining is all about precision. However, this precision does not come easy, it requires years of hands-on-experience, training, and machine knowledge. We are proud to offer a team with over 15-years of personal machining experience. Whether it’s a simple metal component or a customized metal product, we have the experience, the tools, and the capabilities to make your vision a reality.  

SWM Machining Tools

Over the years we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to expand our machining capabilities. This includes multiple new CNC machines that help us create any shape or dimension.

Here is a list of our current machining tools:

  • Manual Lathes & Mills
  • (2) HAAS CNC Lathes: (1 with bar feeder)
  • 3” Spindle Bore
  • X-11.3”, Z-34” 2400 RPM
  • (4) HAAS CNC Mills: (1 with pallet changer)
  • TM1-10000, RPM 30 X 12 X 16
  • VF3SS-12000 RPM 40 X 20 X 25
  • VF3-7000 RPM 40 X 20 X 25
  • MDC500 – 15000 RPM 20 X 14 X 20

If you have any questions about our machines and their machining capabilities, do not hesitate to reach out to our team of experts.

SWM Machining Projects

SWM has been machining customized metal components for over 30-years. Within those 30-years, we’ve had the opportunity to solve a variety of unique challenges with varying levels of difficulty.

If you have a unique project and are looking for a machining team with the experience to see it come to life, look no further. These are our favorite projects, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Precision CNC Machining

The SWM team has a 4-Step Quality Control process to ensure every part we develop is exactly what you want. This process begins by fully understanding your needs in our quoting process. The project must be based on a solid foundation.

Once we have all the necessary information, each machinist performs their own quality control, this includes measuring tools, such as bore gage, pin gage, thread gage, depth gage, etc. (verify this please.)

Once the machinist approves their work, our Head of Quoting and our Head of Operations must complete their own quality control process. Once these quality control checks have been completed, it’ll be marked approved and ready to be sent to you.


Had an important job to get done, and reached out to Steffensmeier Welding. They came out quoted job, were very professional, and did a top quality work for a great price on completed project.


We proudly use Steffensmeier Welding & Manufacturing for producing our specialty line of equipment. Their attention to detail, timely turn around and expertise give us the confidence to know that when our customers receive their product it’s done with quality in mind. We look forward to a long working relationship with the entire crew at SWM.


I have used Steffensmeier’s for help out at my place of business. I was amazed at the quality and the quickness of the company. I would recommend them to anyone.



Our team of experts are here to answer any additional questions you have about our welding services. 

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